Executives who are creating the future are time poor and constantly looking to optimize how they spend their time. Spending time with clients, colleagues or other high value items outrank trying to wade through social media and searches to find the news you need to do your job. 

We thought a lot of about news filtering. Of all the news created on a minute to minute basis from around the world, it is near impossible to keep track and stay up to date. The Linkboard homepage newsfeed allows you to put in specific keywords and news sites and see the latest 5 stories and tweets from each in an order that you choose. We also know that your priorities change, so there is a customize button right on the homepage where you easily drag and re-order instantly. 

  1. Your homepage feed can be selected from your existing saved searched and news sites (rss feeds). So make sure you have saved a good selection before customizing your homepage. 
  2. Click on "Customize Homepage". Select from your saved searches and news sites and choose and order that suits you. Ensure you click on save to lock in your settings. 
  3. Go back to homepage and you will see your customized, personalized homepage feed. If you want to refine the results you are seeing for each filter, click on that particular saved search in and click on "Improve Search". You can add, remove words to ensure the results are in line with what you want to see. 
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