One of the biggest problems executives face, is using news after its discovered. There is typically no great place to save it and sharing via email is an almost guaranteed way to have your article not read. Linkboard is attempting to solve this by creating a dedicated business news app and so you can add and discover sites and blogs and add them to your Linkboard and read them and importantly, save articles you want to use later. All in one app. 

  1. Anywhere you see an article, tweet or video in Linkboard, you will also see a "Save To Read Later" button. On the desktop site its under the heading and in the app you can swipe left on the article in the feed and you will see a save button underneath the article when reading it. 
  2. To access your "Read Later" items later, simply go to the left menu and scroll down to Read Later. Click there and you will see your saved items. You can scroll to find it or use the search field. 

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